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What Children Can Gain from Rugby

All great rugby players started somewhere. These days most schools in New Zealand start rugby training at the smallest level. The main aim is to create a lifelong interest in the game. Most parents are worried because they believe that rugby is too complicated for children. However here are a few things which your child can gain from learning to play Rugby.

  • Rugby is one of the most interesting sports your children can play. It is something which they can enjoy from a very young age. There are quite a few rugby training clubs which coach children as young as two years of age.
  • The main reason most parents don’t want their children to take up rugby is because they feel it’s too dangerous. However rugby training for children is not all about tackling and scrumming. These things are not taught until the child is at least nine years of age.
  • Children learn basic rugby skills by replacing tackling with tagging. This involves very little contact and children and parents can both enjoy the game without having to worry about their kid’s safety.
  • The rugby training for younger children focuses towards teaching girls and boys the basics of the game. These basics can later on help them become better players as they grow older and transition to actual rugby
  • Children learn to handle a ball at a very young age. This helps sharpen their analytical skills as well. They become more alert and this can help them physically as well as mentally. It improves their hand and eye coordination and helps build up agility from a young age.
  • Children become physically strong. They learn to accept challenges from an early age. It helps prepare them to face challenges as they grow older.
  • The rules of rugby teach children to follow the basic rules in life as well. They know they have to play by the rules for a game. The same can be applied to other skills as well.
  • It can help improve a child’s self esteem. It has been observed that academically challenged children can blossom if they learn the sport. It improves their sense of self worth and can help them academically as well.

With so many benefits of learning rugby from a young age, its something which you should allow your child to learn. Rugby isn’t essentially a game for boys. In fact there are quite a number of girl rugby players as well who do enjoy the sport.

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