Lawn Bowls

What is it?

Lawn bowls are one of the common games that are played in the world. These games have been registered to be so popular in Australia compared to other sports. It has been observed to be firm and so consistent over the years gaining its popularity more and more. Also, this game is recorded to get an additional number of players each time both young old ranging from different backgrounds.

  1. How it is played

Lawn bowls game entirely involves rolling of a bowl so close to a targeted jack as much as possible. The jack is then rolled to a length of approximately to that of the green so that they can start at each end. The bowl is then expected to stop at a certain point immediately after it has been centered in the midpoint of the rink. This point where it stops is taken to be the target that is responsible for balancing the end.

At this point, the bowl is not observed to be entirely complete but has a ‘bias’ shape that allows it to curve towards the inner point as it slows. This bowl may curve either way depending on the way of holding during delivery.

Lawn bowls have been taken as the game that involves strategies that are defensive and offensive for the purpose of playing it. Another additional challenge of the game is the fact that the jack can be easily moved and displayed at any point of the rink using a delivered bowl.

  1. What you need to know about Lawn Bowls

The bowls green stated is measured to be approximately 39 meters long and it is in a square shape and completely flat. This green is divided into portions called rinks that are approximately 5.7 meters wide but not exceeding 5.8 meters. This makes it possible for a number of games to be played on it simultaneously.

There are a group of bowls made up four bowls that are coming different sizes so as to be fit in any player’s hand. The common set of bowls used is brown bowls, white bowls, and black bowls. However, it has been recorded that most players prefer bowls that are brightly colored. This is because it is easier to distinguish an individual’s bowls from those of the opponent when they are brightly colored.

The jack that is taken as the target, is smaller with a white color and round shaped. A mat is also necessary for this game as it is a point where a player puts one foot as he/she delivers the bowl. The required dimensions of the mat are 360mm for the width and 600mm for the length. Finally, the players are required to wear flat shoes without heels so as to avoid damaging the greens.

In addition, the players are advised to dress in clothes that are comfortable and that adhere to the standards of the club. This offers a relaxed and most conducive atmosphere for game playing. Lawn bowls are available for all categories of people in different tournaments and clubs. There are also a variety of events which make it possible for men and women to carry out their competitions in a relaxed and a fun atmosphere.

Finally, lawn bowls apparel and accessories be taken as the game that enables people to develop up their skills, their way of coordination and physical fitness.